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I have been involved with grassroots and policy based advocacy for the last 10 years. Having run campaigns and projects on issues as diverse as child poverty, the treatment of migrant workers, and hydraulic fracturing, I care deeply about social change beyond charity.

I have worked for the Anglican Social Justice Commission, set up an outdoor education trust working with at-risk youth, and I am currently the president of the Prisoner Aid and Reintegration Society and the Howard League for Penal Reform. In all these projects I have seen the harm of doing things for or to people and strive to run projects with people. Those most directly impacted by a problem should have their own voice heard in the solutions. My greatest love in this role is for running workshops and strategy and planning sessions to enable others to get involved in local or national issues more effectively.

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My campaigning and advocacy experience comes primarily from my voluntary work with youth climate advocacy group Generation Zero. I am passionate about seeing New Zealand doing our bit on climate change and am working on a number of local projects with the local Christchurch team. I’m also part of the national team for our Zero Carbon Act campaign.

My passion for social justice extends beyond the issue of climate change, however. What gets me excited is being able to help people take small, political actions – from writing a submission to Council, to taking part in a creative stunt or simply starting a conversation – to affect any sort of positive social change.

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I’m the Social Justice advocate for South Canterbury, and I am passionate about breaking down barriers which prevent people from being heard and accessing what they need.

I began my role in 2014 by completing a piece of research into significant social justice issues in South Canterbury. Since then I have developed several new ventures, with teams of volunteers to help keep everything running:

  • Marchwiel Parish/Oceanview Heights School partnership – fundraising for the school’s reading recovery programme, building relationships with the children and their whanau to encourage more family participation in the school;
  • The Advocacy Group – offering 1-to-1 support for appointments which people find too stressful to handle on their own, and empowering them through small-group workshops to advocate for themselves;
  • Tenancy Link – to encourage self-resolution as the first option when issues arise between tenants and landlords, and to advocate for improved standards for rental housing.

I look forward to new challenges that come our way!

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