Our work is for a fairer Canterbury where vulnerable people are protected.

Current Projects

Navigate Initiative Sign Up Here

We need people to share their skills with men participating in the Navigate Initiative Reintegrative Community in Christchurch Men’s Prison. From the practical and mechanical to the musical and academic, your skills can help prepare people for life outside the wire.

Anglican Advocacy and Pathway Trust are searching for volunteers from all walks of life to teach new skills to men living inside the Navigate Initiative unit. It is great if you can volunteer your time on an ongoing basis, but if you are able to offer a short period of regular sessions or provide a one off skills-based training, we would love to hear from you too.

For more information go to Pathway Reintegration


Prison Reform

We are involved in prison reform and justice in a number of ways. Firstly as key partners with the Howard League – PIS and literacy, and Pathway Trust. We also have advocate directly, working with Canterbury Corrections on a case by case basis. We are also campaigning to depoliticise the crime and punishment debate to remove the unhealthy influence of penal populism. For more on any of this work, or to volunteer to teach literacy or numeracy in prison please contact us.

University of Canterbury

We work with the University of Canterbury in a number of ways, but in particular helping to teach courses related to civic engagement and social change.

Community Organising

We are passionate about helping local communities to speak and advocate for their own needs. Click here for independently conducted research into the capacity building and empowerment value of our last community organising campaign. This is the sort of project we would like to see parishes and community groups take on, and we would love to help.


We run change-making workshops and consultations for a wide range of organisations: from established NGOs through to schools and youth groups. We love teaching, so please contact us if your group wants to learn about social change. Find out more.

Predatory Lending

In 2011 we were involved in the governments Financial Summit. One of the outcomes of that summit were a new set of practices designed to protect borrowers from loan-sharks and predatory third-tier lenders. After a number of disturbing reports Anglican Advocacy is running a campaign to test compliance.


We are key supporters of the Living Wage movement in Christchurch. The Living Wage movement believes that workers should be paid according to what it costs people to live.


Each year, school students and youth groups across the country compete in our competition around some social issue. There is a chance for students to research, reflect, take a stand, and feed back to MPs the conclusions they come to on subject for the year. Each year resources are included to fit in with the NZ curriculum. Although past competitions are not still active the material is still useful. Find it on our resources page.

Past Projects

There are a few past campaigns we still keep an active interest in.


We have produced New Zealand’s leading research on healthy rental housing standards and continue to advocate for the recommendations made at the end of the report. To know more, visit paperwalls.org.


In 2013 we met (literally) boatloads of Indonesian fisherman who had been abused and underpaid while fishing in New Zealand waters. Since then, we’ve worked to change New Zealand law to protect everyone working in our waters. Read more about our success on this issue here.


We helped to govern and lead Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Services (PARS), who have been doing great work with prisoners in Canterbury and around New Zealand for years. To read more, visit prisonersaidnz.org.nz.