Our main resource is the Advocacy and Social Change method that we teach in workshops, training and consultancy. We also prepare larger reports to engage with specific issues in deeper ways.

Here are the reports we’ve produced over the last few years that are still relevant:

  1. A Community Organising Pilot for Civic Participation and Advocacy

    In 2016 we undertook a community organising project in Christchurch as a pilot to see
    if this was a viable working model for our work. This report outlines the outcomes of the project and
    discusses the process. Anglican Advocacy, 2016. Download PDF


    Our report on the need for regulation of the property management industry. This report carries the voices of those who have been most negatively impacted by unscrupulous property management practices, both landlords and tenants. And yes, some property managers are great. The point is that there is no regulation to ensure their practice and behavior. Download PDF.


    Paper Walls is New Zealand’s leading legal research on the law that’s meant to protect rental housing tenants. It’s written in plain language with a friendly case study to help non-lawyers understand it easily. Lyndon Rogers, November 2013. Download PDF

Here is a workshop series for youth groups on the topic of Sexual Harassment and the Bystander Effect:

Civics Competition in Schools

Our civics competition in schools runs every year on a contemporary theme. Teaching resources, curriculum ideas, and creative ways to engage are provided. Students in previous years have written submission, spoken to politicians, engaged with media, raised awareness, and created an art exhibition in Parliament. Follow the current competition on the Civics Facebook Page.