Gap between the highest and lowest paid in a company

We think you’d be horrified by how unequal pay can be in New Zealand. When a company turns $356 million in profit and pays their CEO $1.2 million a year, we think full time employees should be able to afford to go to the doctors. We have a FAQ page about this project.

We want to hear from you! CEO pay is easy to find – for publicly listed companies and government agencies at least If you know the lowest pay rate in a large NZ company we’d love to hear from you. Anonymously of course. Send an email here. Or, fill in this form.

You could also take a look at the list of companies we are interested in and ask around. Companies list.

Our work

We work for social change beyond charity. As well as running our own research and advocacy campaigns, we partner and support other organisations on key projects. Our current projects include  a pay-ratios research project, and advocacy around pricing and practices of electricity retailers. We also run individual advocacy and support projects in Ashburton and Timaru.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in change for a fairer Aotearoa. Join us.

Our people

We are one of the arms of Anglican Care in Canterbury working alongside the Christchurch City Mission, Community Development, and the LED Energy special project. Find out more.

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To get in touch, email us or call 03 599 9087.

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