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I’m the Social Justice advocate for South Canterbury, and I am passionate about breaking down barriers which prevent people from being heard and accessing what they need.

I began my role in 2014 by completing a piece of research into significant social justice issues in South Canterbury. Since then I have developed several new ventures, with teams of volunteers to help keep everything running:

  • Marchwiel Parish/Oceanview Heights School partnership – fundraising for the school’s reading recovery programme, building relationships with the children and their whanau to encourage more family participation in the school;
  • The Advocacy Group – offering 1-to-1 support for appointments which people find too stressful to handle on their own, and empowering them through small-group workshops to advocate for themselves;
  • Tenancy Link – to encourage self-resolution as the first option when issues arise between tenants and landlords, and to advocate for improved standards for rental housing.

I look forward to new challenges that come our way!

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Annie Bately

I’m the Advocacy Coordinator for mid Canterbury, with 10 years experience working in Social Services in Marlborough.

As an advocate I have supported and assisted people in a wide variety of ways, and am a strong believer in enabling and empowering people to overcome difficulties they are facing. As a result of the Kaikoura earthquake in 2016, I travelled from Blenheim to the south of Clarence, assisting people to complete their insurance claims, identifying urgent needs and making sure resources were put in place to assist individuals and families traumatised by this horrific event.

I’ve also been instrumental in the setting up of a home for pregnant teens in Blenheim, and have worked tirelessly to seek local business support to open a cafe to financially support the Social Services Charitable Trust in Marlborough.