Pay Ratios

A pay ratio is the ratio between the highest-paid and average or lowest paid in a company. There has been rising global concern about pay ratios in recent years. This discussion paper looks at pay ratios in Aotearoa companies. We want an Aotearoa where everyone in paid work earns enough to look after their family and raise their tamariki with dignity. Unfortunately, while CEO pay has increased over the past decade, average and minimum wage workers have not kept up with the cost of living. The chart below shows pay up to 2019-2020. 

However, while pay-ratios tell part of a story, they don’t give the whole picture. This year we want to collect stories about other ways companies support their lower paid workforce, whether it be shareholder options, work conditions, or other creative ideas. Get in touch, let us know if you have a story.

All figures are inflation adjusted and expressed in 2020 dollars
Two decades of NZ wages

Click the image or follow this link to read the report. Pay Ratios Discussion.

A big thank you to everyone who shared their experiences with us of low-wage employment.